A dreamers reflections.

This time last year, I was walking around in LA for the first time, getting ready to embark on a journey to change my life and the music scene that I left behind in Memphis.

At that point, no one had reached out to me at these legendary Memphis recording studios to work with me. But the moment many industry folk from Memphis realized that I was "leaving" for to record on LA, the speculations started. "You can record your project here in Memphis." "Aw, he think he famous now." "He only care about his self, he ain't about helping Memphis."

I weathered the storm, I never left my city to forget about it. I left my city to study other cities, and figure out how to better my city.

We have a MAJOR problem of not realizing our young talent until they leave the city to find other opportunities. A wise (Wo)man will never turn down an opportunity at the expense of their future.

We need more opportunities that are HERE!

The art and culture scene in Memphis is a multi-million dollar industry. The bulk of that money goes to non-profits that pay thier staff, to find artists to pay. Moral to that story, MANY artists, especially artist of color, get left out of these conversations. I am here to take charge of the conversation and put it in OUR hands, THE ARTISTS.


Tauheed Rahim IIComment