Marco Pavé: Jordan Year (Era)

Fresh off the release of my Perceptions EP, I was inspired to drop a new mixtape for the new year and in celebration of my 23rd birthday, called Jordan Year. To me, it’s also a statement for the great responsibility that I already have as a leader in the city of Memphis. I am not only a rapper in Memphis but a leader in arts advocacy that spills over into a multitude of other things. I have written major articles for publications like Gawker and op-eds for Memphis' paper of record, The Commercial Appeal. 2015 marked a year of foundation building, 2016, my full Jordan Year, will be all about execution and expanding. 

Jordan Year is a mixtape series that will last throughout 2016. There will be 4 Volumes dropping at different times this year. Please be on the lookout for these various releases as I get steps closer to the release of my first gull-length album.

Jordan Year: Vol 1 is out now via: 

Jerry, from Hype Magazine gives it an Overall Rating of: 4/5: Astoundingly good sonically, definitely a set of anthems for self-inspiration and refreshingly celebrates the pillars of Hip-Hop in its storytelling. Production was cleverly interspersed with in your face commentary type skits which synched perfectly with the intervals on the track. Marcos Pavé is a problem…a great one. Looking forward to his continued contributions to the culture.