The struggle to keep grinding. (An Official A3C artist)

Guys, I have been on the go so much, I have not had the time to stop and be grateful for the successes and advances in my career. I have came such a long way on this journey, sometimes I take it for granted, because I am struggling to "Keep Grinding." 

The other day, I had a conversation with my good friend and fellow artist, Alfred Banks. We were talking about how people always want to tell you to "keep grinding" after you have accomplished something great. This may not seem like a big deal, but to an indie artist or any entrepreneur I am telling you, it is! "Keep grinding" assumes that you are sitting at the top watching us climb up an never-ending ladder, "Keep grinding" says, this wasn't impressive, keep grinding says you need to do more (that maybe true, but unless you are helping, hersh!).  As a person that has been grinding towards my dreams since I was 9 years old, trust me, you don't have to tell me to keep grinding. That's not motivational. Here's a better way to encourage us: 

Hey man, that is a huge thing you’ve accomplished there, looking forward to seeing more from you”

Dude, looks like all your hard work is paying off.


I am proud of you.

— A non-hater

I will keep grinding guys, but I also want to sit the fuck down and be thankful for things like this: 

A3C has been my dream for at least the past 4 years, and NOW it is a reality. Thanks to my fans who know that I will always "keep grinding", I won this years first A3C fan-challenge . This will be an amazing journey. Stay tuned for what happens next in ATL.


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A3C Festival & Conference

October 5th - 9th, 2016 | Atlanta, GA

A3C [All 3 Coasts] Festival & Conference is the preeminent Hip-Hop event in the US, commonly referred to as, “Hip-Hop’s family reunion.”

Empowering, inspiring and educating those that shape Hip-Hop culture for 12 years.

“Luv to the team at A3C for givin artists a platform to be heard and build their craft!!”
— Diddy
The festival offers something for every hip-hop fan, transcending generations and geography and welcoming both the trappers and the backpackers.
Top 12 ‘Must-Attend’ U.S. Music Festival
— The Grammys

Diddy, NPR and The Grammys think its a big deal, because they too, know the struggle to keep grinding. It's hard when you have dedicated your life to something and the only thing people see is a measly accolade, these moments mean way more than a Facebook post. They are a manifestation of the hard work already been put in.