The legends of blues live, in hiphop.

Everytime I get a mic in my hand and I am in front of any crowd, no matter the size, it can be 1 person or 1,000 people, I am going to use that opportunity to tell folks about my struggles, our struggles. Some I have overcome, some I am still struggling against.

I come from the birthplace of the Blues. I am a baby of the blues, but somehow my parents have disowned me and my siblings because we tend to tell our stories under a new moniker-- hiphop. In Memphis, our musical history runs deep, from Al Green, to B.B King to Aretha Franklin, to 36 Mafia to Yo Gotti, but we are failing the contemporary art and the art of the past by not reuniting us with our roots. Spirituals begot Gospel, Gospel begot Blues, Blues begot Soul, Soul begot Funk & Hip Hop.  


I am here to make those connections and remind us of our past so that we can appreciate our future! Last night in WC Handy Park, I made sure to make that known! Major thanks to Milton Memphis and Jamal Whitlo for putting together an amazing show, Privileged Music Fest was great. 

 Marco Pavé performing at the Historic WC Handy Park 

Marco Pavé performing at the Historic WC Handy Park