New Bars: Classic Memphis

New flows dropping for yall on Friday, July 8th! I am putting my take on the classic Memphis song by Yo Gotti, "Gangsta Party." Produced by my mentor and producer, Carlos Broady. 


This song is hella special to me, around that time when it was bout to drop in 2006, I was in 7th grade at Cypress Middle, Yo Gotti used to ride through the hood in a truck with his face on it. 


You gotta be a real Memphis vet to remember these days-- I do. In 2006 I was a wanna be rapper, a kid-- just hoping. In 2016, I am an actual rapper and a label owner. Yo Gotti and I have linked on a few occasions, in LA in 2014 when, after I hop over security to get to him, and In Austin, Texas in 2016, when Ebro Darden gave us a formal introducton at the Apple Music party. 

In celebration of things coming full circle, I am dropping some bars to "Gangsta Party": Friday, July 8th, on KINGOFMARCO.COM: