A Historic first night: River Kings Tour

What does it mean to be a River King? That I may not have the answer to at the moment. It maybe something that I am aspiring to, it very much can be something that I already am. That's of less of importance to me right now than the feeling of the first show on the River Kings Tour. The entire day of August 26th 2016, I had butterflies like a kid on the first day of school. Of course I knew it was an important day, for one it's the kick off to Alfred Bank's and I first tour together. But it's also a pretty unprecedented event that people wouldn't think would be our first show. 

We were literally schelduled to perform in Elvis Presley's house. Not even Graceland, the first home that he bought in 1956 when Heartbreak Hotel first hit the world, he was 21 years old.  

So, we can establish that there was alot of pressure on Alfred Banks and I to deliver some epic shit. As the day progressed and I ripped and ran to complete errands with the great Bettina Love riding around with me. Keep in mind, she had already flew in from Atlanta just to interview me for the event-- adding just slightly more pressure. 

Beyond the historical context of what Elvis's first home means, there is a current movement in my city to hold everyone accountable for improving our city. After the soon to be iconic i-40 bridge shut down in Memphis, there was a shift in the people-- the people that I make music for. Every wanted anseers to the questions that we have been asking leadership about for generations. The following week after the bridge protest, I fearfully, attended abother protest-- in front of Graceland. The "famous" house of Elvis. Close friends of mine were handcuffed, arrested, and dragged in the street, all because we had the audacity to protest Graceland. 

So, August 26th 2016, was more than a performance for me. It was an extension of the movement that I wish to continue to dedicate my life to. We know the history of Elvis stealing his music from black artist and then going on to becoming one of the most famous artists in the history is the world. The kick off to the River Kings Tour in Elvis Presley's living room was an opportunity for me to reclaim space and make the connection back to the original creators of rock and roll.-- even if only for one night. 

That night ended up being one of my favorite performances to date. My wife, who was probably the MOST Turnt person on the entire show, told me that everyone was in a "trance" and it was "magical." I definitely can see that being true.. I felt it. It powered me up to speak on things on that mic that needed to be said (you've see what was said when the video drops) 

River Kings Tour night 1 was a success!


 Over 100 people packed into Elvis Presley's living room! :) 

Over 100 people packed into Elvis Presley's living room! :) 

Stay tuned for the video release of this show, and for more updates on the River Kings Tour!