The Atlanta Pandora Takeover

A few months back, I received an incredible email from a major streaming company by the name of Pandora, and they were informing me that my 5-song EP, Perception, was approved by their review team and was about to be added to their genome project. 

After I received this email, silence, for the next 2 months. Until one day, I decided to reach out and test the waters of the unknown. I had never spoken with an actual person at Pandora before, I assumed there were robots just loading up songs. I asked them, "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MY SHIT?" the rachet side of my brain said that, in silence. I really just inquired with them to see how long would it take for my music to go live on their platform. To my surprise, I was greeted with a very nice email from a guy that wanted to know what distribution company I went through to get my music on Pandora, and before I could respond to his email one of my fans sent me a screenshot of this: 

Bruh! I made it! I got my own Pan-got-dam-dora station!
— Marco Pavé

But, of course, I am never satisfied with just the minimums, I always want more out of a situation (Yea I am talking to you, labels). I knew that if it was that easy to connect with a person over email, it must be just as easy to connect with a rep in person. On my latest trip to Atlanta, I put my hypothesis to the test. I popped up at the Pandora's Atlanta Headquarters to connect, I didn't have a meeting set or anything. I just had my faith, my Pandora station and my crew for the day Tayy The Pro and Thank Aaron of HigerClass I knocked on their door and we were greeted by a IT looking dude, and he let us right in and introduced himself. As they say, the rest is history. See that history below: